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Tile and Grout Cleaning

tile and grout cleaning

One of the pool services our company offers to pool owners in Kendall, Florida is tile and grout cleaning. The tiles and grout around your pool are there to make it stand out but when the dirt is allowed to accumulate around it, it loses its aesthetic value. The first time you think about it, you may feel it is unnecessary to hire professionals to clean your pool tiles but once you consider the time and effort it will cost you, you'll see the value in our services. We'll keep your pool sparkling clean at all times.


Hiring us to clean your swimming pool tiles and grout will save you more money than you think. First, we'll be servicing your pool with expensive equipment at a relatively low price. Purchasing the needed equipment is an unworthy investment for something you won't be using regularly. Also, the timely cleaning of your pool tiles will ensure that they last longer, saving you from unnecessary expenses on repairs and replacements. There is also money to be saved on the purchase of chemicals used in pool cleaning. Since we always buy in bulk, we get to pay discount prices.

Removal of Scale Deposits

Scale appears in pools as a result of calcium build up. This can either be caused by the pool water having a high PH level for a long time or the improper sealing of the grout. The build-up of calcium is bad for both swimmers and the swimming pool itself. Scale deposits in the pool will make it unsightly and it will also cause irritations in the eyes and ears of swimmers. When the scale is left on the swimming pool floor for too long, it ruins the tiles. Removing scale deposits can be real trouble but we have the right hands and equipment to rid your pool of their nuisance.

Good Hygiene

To maintain good hygiene in your pool, the tiles and grout need to be thoroughly cleaned from time to time. The porous nature of the grout allows it to accumulate a lot of dirt and germs over time. This makes it near impossible for it to be cleaned by hand. Professional pool cleaners have the right technique and equipment to remove the most stubborn of dirt and germs from your pool. Professionals will also protect your grout with the use of grout sealant. The application of grout sealant will temporarily shield the grout from the build-up of dirt and germs.

Pool Tile repair and replacement

At some point in time, both residential and commercial pools require tile repair or replacement. Tiles may get broken or discolored and when either of these happens, you can always expect us to bring you excellent repair service. Before doing any repair work, we will drain your pool and clean all dirt and mineral deposits. This gives us a clear view of the areas where repair is needed. We also offer excellent tile replacement services, you can call us whenever you feel the need to change the look of your pool. We will bring you up to date on all the latest trends in pool tiles and whatever your choice may be, we will make it available.

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