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Salt Water Conversion

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Have you been thinking about switching to a saltwater pool? Have you been discouraged by the limited information? At our company, we offer the best saltwater conversion service in Kendall, Florida. Saltwater conversion is a straightforward and easy process. Converting your chlorine pool to a saltwater pool will do you a lot of good. It is no surprise that an increasing number of pool owners in America are now making a switch to saltwater pools. Clients who hire us to help them switch to saltwater pools always come back with excellent feedback. The moment you switch to a saltwater pool, there's no going back.

How it Works

Saltwater conversion is a method of cleaning the water in your pool. The process involves the creation of chlorine from saltwater. The main equipment needed for this process includes a water pump and a chlorine generator. The pump draws water from a saltwater pool and passes it on to the chlorine generator. From elementary science, we know salt is made up of sodium and chlorine. The chlorine generator does the job of splitting the salt into separate elements, releasing individual elements of sodium and chlorine back into the pool. By mixing with the pool water, the chlorine purifies it. A salt compound is created afterward.

Easy Installation, Easier Maintenance

Integrating a saltwater system into your already existing pool is quite easy. Aside from the chlorination system, no other feature needs to be added. It uses the same filtration and PVC system. It is also easier to maintain, the swimming pool saltwater system is self-sustaining. This means you won't have to go through the stress of adding chlorine from time to time. Also, with a saltwater pool, you won't have to bother so much about adjusting the ph level of the water. This is because the system is ph neutral. Maintaining a saltwater pool doesn't need any prior knowledge or skill.

Healthier and Safer

While a saltwater pool also makes use of chlorine, the chlorine level in a saltwater pool is much lower. The water in a saltwater pool is softer, giving less chance of irritation for swimmers. The water is gentler on the eyes and nose. The fact that saltwater pools do not require the application of chemicals also removes a lot of risks. First of these risks is the need for the storage of harmful chemicals. Also, the exposure of people to high chlorine levels has been proven to pose long term health risks.

Pocket and Environmental Friendly

Before getting put off by the cost of installing a saltwater system, you should consider the cost of eventual maintenance. The high cost of installing a saltwater system is a one-time thing and its maintenance is much cheaper than that of a chlorine pool. Since saltwater pools do not require the addition of chemicals, you won't be needing professional pool service to maintain the chemical balance of your pool. Also, the saltwater system is more environmentally friendly compared to a chlorine pool. Saltwater pools are less harmful to the environment as they do not contain toxic chemicals.

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