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Ongoing Maintenance

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Pool maintenance is a continuous, never-ending process. Your pool is meant to be one of the most distinguishing and relaxing features of your home or establishment and to keep it that way, proper pool maintenance must be done routinely. A lot of pool owners complain about how tiring and time-consuming it is to add the maintenance of pools to their already busy schedules. This is why pool owners in Kendall, Florida hire and trust our pool cleaning and maintenance services to keep their pools in the best condition at all times. Join our long list of satisfied clients today to enjoy the best pool maintenance service in the city.

Professional Service

Our experienced and skilled technicians are available on all days of the week to handle your pool maintenance needs. Hiring our maintenance service will give you the time you need to focus on other things. Apart from the time we will be saving for you, it takes a high-level of experience and skill to maintain a pool the right way. Maintenance procedures like chemical testing, filter maintenance, and surface skimming should not be done by just anyone. Whatever the size or type your pool may be, our technicians have the right blend of skill and experience to keep it in the best condition.


Chlorination is one of the most effective ways to clean a pool and kill germs but having the wrong chlorine level in your pool poses swimmers a number of health risks. First, when the level of chlorine in your pool isn't high enough, bacteria and other microorganisms will remain. Also, when the chlorine level is too high, severe health damage can be done to swimmers. It can lead to skin irritations and cause reactions like rashes. It can also cause reactions in the eyes and nose. Worse reactions can occur if ingested. Our employees have years of experience with this process and they will guarantee the safety of swimmers.

Equipment Maintenance

The various swimming pool equipment like the filter, pump, vacuum, and heater should be properly maintained if they are to last long. Our pool experts know the right way to use each equipment so it doesn't break down too soon. They also have the experience and knowledge needed to detect faults in equipment before they break down. This will save you from spending extra money on repairs and replacements. Our experts will also be able to give you information on the best equipment you can get to improve your overall swimming experience.

Cleanliness and Comfort

By hiring a professional pool maintenance service, you can be sure that your pool will be clean and safe for use at all times. The fact that you get to control the maintenance schedule is even more comforting. Our staff will handle all the tasks required to keep your pool in good condition. This includes emptying the pump and filter baskets, skimming the water surface, cleaning the filter, and treating the water. By cleaning the essential baskets and filters, our staff will ensure that there is no blockage to the flow of water and your pool will be properly filled at all times.

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