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Leak Detection

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Pool leak detection is the process of checking for the availability and location of leaks in your swimming pool. A professional leak detector has the right blend of experience, skill, and equipment to detect possible leaks in your pool in no time. The bucket test is a way you can check for leaks if you want to do it yourself but it is inadequate.  This is because a bucket test will only tell you if you have a leak. Our professional leak detector will take this a couple of steps further by pinpointing the exact location of the leak.

Causes of Leaks

There are a lot of reasons why your pool may be leaking. A leak occurs as a result of the wear, tear, or damage of any of the various parts that make up your pool. A structural or mechanical problem will cause your pool to leak. For structural damage, you'll find cracks around your swimming pool wall and floor while issues in the pump and skimmer are mechanical problems. Other causes include bad plumbing and loose fittings around the pool. Leaks may also occur around pool features like the lighting. Whatever the problem may be, we have the best solution for you.

How Leak Detection Works

Before we begin the main process of leak detection, we gather all the necessary information about the pool. We will need to know how old the pool is, the type of pool it is, the rate of the leak, how long you've been noticing the leak, and so on. This gives us a good idea of the best method to adapt and how much it will cost. We proceed to test the plumbing network for possible leakage. Special listening devices are used to locate the leak. Testing the pool structure is a more advanced process and we do it according to the pool type.

Early Detection

You stand to gain a lot by hiring our leak detection service as soon as you notice a leak. Our leak detection methods have a high level of accuracy. This will save you the time that would be wasted and all the troubles that a leaking pool causes. The longer the delay in detecting a leak, the worse it becomes. Also, the construction of a pool costs a lot of money and such an investment needs to be cared for. Early leak detection makes timely repair possible, saving your pool from possible greater damage in the future.


Contacting us to handle the detection of leaks in your pool will save you from a lot of extra expenses. To start with, a leaking pool will waste your water supply and thus increase your water bill. Timely detection and repair of leaks will also save parts from total damage. Thereby, saving you the money you could spend on replacements later on. The long list of equipment needed for leak detection can only be supplied by a leak detection service company. This is because they are so sophisticated and expensive. Whatever angle you view it from, hiring professionals is a more economical decision.

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