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Pool Cleaning Services and Maintenance Kendall, FL

Pool Cleaning Services Kendall, FL

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A pool is more than just a relaxing feature of a property. It also improves the aesthetic value of homes and commercial places. Our company offers you world-class professional pool cleaning and maintenance services. Our services will ensure that your pool continues to be a center of attraction by keeping it sparkling clean while preventing the wear and tear of the various parts.

The construction of a pool and the installation of its equipment cost a lot of money and by hiring us, you'll be protecting your investments at a very cheap price. We will also be saving you the time and resources you would have spent on doing it yourself.

About Us

We are a pool cleaning and maintenance service company located in Kendall, Florida. Since we started our services years ago, we've come to understand the importance of pools to the people here. Our products and services are made to fit the needs and wants of our various clients. We've always believed in moving along with the latest trends in the pool service business and this allows us to bring the very best services to our clients. Because we take the satisfaction of our clients very seriously, we always endeavor to provide them with timely, reliable, and effective pool services.

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    Our Services

    Our company offers the best pool cleaning and maintenance services in the city. Our clients include both private and commercial pool owners. The flexibility of our services makes them suitable for people from all walks of life. From installation to repair, we have the right blend of qualifications, equipment, and skills needed to answer all your pool service needs and wants. We also have the most qualified technicians as employees. Our technicians have the required training to solve all kinds of pool problems. Our services include ongoing maintenance, tile and grout cleaning, leak detection, pool resurfacing, pool equipment installation, and saltwater conversion.

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    On Going Pool Maintenance

    The continuous nature of swimming pool maintenance makes it essential that you hire professional service providers like us to handle it. The routine maintenance procedures will be too strenuous and time-consuming for an individual. Asides that, individuals lack knowledge on how to maintain the chemical balance of a pool. When the chemicals in the pool are unbalanced, it leads to a high concentration level of chlorine in the water. This poses a serious health risk to swimmers.

    Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Your pool's tiles and grout are one of the most important parts of your pool that should be kept clean. Your pool tends to become unsightly when the dirt is allowed to build up on the tiles and grout. Tile and grout are too cheap for you to consider the rigors of hand scrubbing. The cleaning of these pool surfaces also includes the removal of the build-up of harmful and stubborn calcium deposits.

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    Leak Detection

    This procedure is best handled by a professional leak detector. It involved the process of checking and locating the presence of leaks in a pool. The bucket test method advertised by DIY articles will at best only confirm the occurrence of a leak. A leak may be caused by the wear, tear, or damage of any of the various pool components. When a leak is not detected early enough, it will deteriorate and cost you more money later on.

    Pool Resurfacing

    Pool resurfacing is a better alternative to the total remodeling of the pool when you consider how affordable and simple it is. Rather than ripping your pool apart, resurfacing involves the process of fixing underlying issues and applying new finishing to your pool's surface. One of the main reasons why your pool will need to be resurfaced is aging. This will cause the surface to lose its shine and friction. The latter poses serious injury risk.

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    Pool Equipment Installation

    Pool equipment installation will greatly increase the usability of your pool. The equipment that could be installed includes pumps, filters, heaters, lighting, and more. Our company offers you the best deals you can find on equipment in the whole of Kendall, Florida. We will also offer you an expert installation service to ensure that each equipment is installed correctly. After installation, we can still be of help to you by providing you with continuous maintenance service.

    Salt Water Conversion

    Our company offers seamless saltwater conversion service to pool owners in Kendall, Florida. Contrary to what you may think, making a switch from a chlorine pool to a saltwater pool is quite simple and straightforward. The only parts that will need to be added to your existing pool are the chlorination system. A saltwater pool has a number of advantages over a chlorine pool. It is healthier, safer, easier to use, more economical, and more environmentally friendly.

    "Pool Cleaning Services and Maintenance Kendall, Florida has been servicing my pool for the last five years without any hitches. The employees are always punctual and fast with their tasks. They detect any possible fault in my pool equipment early and fix it" - Dorothy M.

    "I used to have doubts about the importance of hiring professional service to clean and maintain my pool. So, I put myself through a lot of stress by doing it myself. When I finally decided to give them a chance, they transformed both my life and my pool. I have never looked back since" - Adrian L.

    "I run a commercial pool in Kendall, Florida and I've been partnering with this company for years. In addition to keeping my pool in the best condition for my customers, they always come to me with trendy and brilliant ideas that keep me ahead of my competitors" - Roman H.

    Contact Us Today

    At our company, we attach a lot of importance to seamless communication between ourselves and our clients. We've well-trained customer care agents available at all times to respond to our clients' requests. This is in order to facilitate communication between both parties regardless of time and location. All necessary information about the desired products and services can be gotten from a remote location. This speeds up the delivery of services. Also, we are always happy to get feedback from our special clients and this can be done with ease from the convenience of your computer screen. You just have to fill the mailbox available on our website.